*Just Uniforms initiative for chef uniform*

After deciding who your customers are going to be and setting up an e-commerce site designed to attract them comes the responsibility of presenting them a product that will promote the indigenous ideas of your products. This process focuses on applying skills and ideas through the conceptualization of your products to reflect the beauty of your country; This process involves applying locally made Ankara Fabrics to chef uniform. This design promote the indigenous Ankara design on chef uniform.

*A plan of action to sell chef uniform made with Ankara Fabrics globally*

  •  Manage the promotion of the chef product
  •  Protect your chef product from copy write
  •  Develop transportation and logistics strategies.
  •  Integrate transportation strategies with production and marketing plans
  •  Analyze, plan, and monitor the global supply chain process
  •  Check profits
  • Source quality Ankara Fabrics

*Tips for Managing a Global Supply Chain for Ankara chef uniform*

Your global supply chain should be short, simple, and manageable . Whether sourcing Ankara Fabrics used in the production of chef uniform, treat the chain as a strategic asset—one that, handled deftly, can provide a competitive advantage.

*Get to Know the Suppliers in Your Ankara chef uniform Supply Chain*

Today, most supply chains are built on a sourcing strategy that emphasizes value creation. What that means is that instead of looking for the lowest possible price of a product, you should first determine what value you are trying to achieve for your business. You could determine that what is most important to you is exercising control, minimizing risks, balancing costs, or gaining speed to market.

■ Caution What’s the likelihood of having a critical supply shortage and how would it impact your business? Always have a contingency plan in place for the most catastrophic event ever.

A working global supply chain must be responsive and flexible on a local level as well as overseas. It will morph several times during the course of a product’s lifetime. Whatever it takes to fulfill the needs of your customers worldwide, that should be your goal.

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Five ways a sportsman can maintain his sportswear

Five ways a sportsman can maintain his sportswear

  1. 1. Wash according to the washing label on the sportswear, each piece of sportswear has a label. Different sportswear material have different washing methods, otherwise it will cause damage to the sportswear. Not all sportswear can use the dryer. High temperature of the dryer can destroy the sportswear material. First check weather the label on the sportswear allows this sportswear to use the dryer.
  2. 2. Use the proper washing methods, try not to use excessive friction when washing by hand.When washing by machine, set the machine effectively to prevent deforming the sportswear.
  3. 3. Select mild detergent to wash the sportswear. Categorize the color of the sportswear. Do not wash sportswear together for convenience. Brighter colored and darker colored sportswear should be washed separately to avoid staining.
  4. 4. Dry properly, do not dry sportswear for too long in the sun. You can turn the sportswear inside out to prevent the outside of the sportswear from being tanned and fading.
  5. 5. Store the sportswear in a clean storage environment. Ensure the storage environment is dry and tidy.Use anti moth to prevent insects and rats in the storing environment.

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