Just Uniforms is a leading coverall supplier in Lagos, Nigeria supplying a complete range of body protection solution.

Gear up with clothing that works hard to keep you protected, from heavy duty shirts and jackets to overalls, safety vests, safety boots and more. We supply quality Overalls, Work wear, Corporate Clothing, Safety wear.

Just Uniforms coveralls comes with unique features like Anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent, perspiration, durable. Oil resistant, flame resistant, anti radiation, anti static and more.

Just Uniforms coveralls material is intended to protect the wearer’s body from risks, for example, warmth, synthetic mixtures and contamination. These coverall materials are composed, created, or treated to ensure protection against hazards caused by outrageous changes in physical condition, unsafe working conditions, or foe activity.

We service the following industries : Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Government, Private Companies & Blue Chip Companies. In these few fields of work it is important to utilize safety clothing so as to be fully protected while working. Regardless of whether you’re in the oil and gas, car, substance, rural, kitchen, assembling, or support organizations. Regardless of whether you work in designing, fire-fighters, or whatever profession that requires safety clothing and extras, you can purchase Safety wares at Just Uniforms.