• 1. Chef Hat: A tall, white hat known as a toque is commonly worn by chefs. It helps to add a professional touch to their appearance.
  • Chef hat
  • 2. Chef Jacket: A white, double-breasted chef jacket is the standard attire for chefs in Nigeria. It is designed to be durable, comfortable, and easy to clean.
  • Chef coat
  • 3. Chef Pants: Chefs usually wear loose-fitting, checkered or striped pants. These patterns are chosen because they help to mask stains and spills.
  • Chef pant
  • 4. Apron: Chefs often wear a sturdy, full-length apron to protect their clothing from spills, splatters, and heat. The apron is typically made of a thick fabric and ties around the waist.
  • Apron


In the bustling culinary landscape of Lagos, where flavors from diverse cultures merge to create a vibrant food scene.

Chefs are not only known for their exceptional culinary skills but also for their impeccable style.

The chef uniform plays a vital role in reflecting their professionalism and dedication to their craft.

In Lagos, the chef uniform is not just a standard outfit,

it is a testament to the culinary skills, professionalism, and cultural pride of the chefs.

The crisp white jackets, Ankara fabric accents, functional pants, headgear, and quality footwear come together to create a distinctive and visually striking ensemble.

Lagos chefs understand the importance of both style and functionality, striking the perfect balance to enhance their performance in the kitchen while showcasing their unique identity.

The chef uniforms in Lagos reflect the city's vibrant culinary culture, and they are an essential part of the Lagos culinary experience.


Chef Uniform Design In Nigeria

  • Double Breasted Jacket : A double-breasted chef uniform typically consists of a jacket with overlapping front panels and two parallel columns of buttons. This design allows chefs to reverse the jacket if one side becomes soiled during kitchen work.
Chef coat
  • Single Breasted Jacket : A single-breasted chef uniform typically features a jacket with a front closure that has a single column of buttons.
  • Short Sleeve Jacket : A short-sleeve chef uniform is designed with sleeves that typically end above the elbow.
  • Long Sleeve Jacket : A long-sleeve chef uniform typically features a jacket with sleeves that extend to the wrists.

Female Chef Uniform In Lagos

Female chef uniforms are tailored with a slightly slimmer cut or have darts for a more fitted fit.

Female chef uniforms are available in a wider range of sizes to accommodate various female body types.

Female chef uniforms offer additional style options, such as different collar designs or sleeve lengths.

While white is the traditional color for chef coats, female chef uniforms offer additional color options or subtle detailing like piping.


Male Chef Uniform In Lagos

The fitting of a male chef uniform is essential for comfort, mobility and professionalism.

The coat of chef uniform for male fit comfortably with enough room for movement.

The pants of chef uniform for male have a relaxed fit.

Whether waist or bib style, the apron tie securely around the waist or neck.

The toque fit comfortably around the head.

Chef shoes for male chefs provide good support and stability, with non-slip soles.


Where To Buy Chef Uniform In Lagos

Just Uniforms is the best company where to buy chef uniforms in Lagos, Nigeria.

We understand the demanding nature of kitchen environments, which is why we meticulously craft our chef uniforms using only the finest materials and expert craftsmanship.

Just Uniforms chef uniforms are built to withstand the rigors of the kitchen while ensuring maximum comfort and mobility for chefs.

Just Uniforms offers a wide range of stylish designs that caters to every taste and preference.

Just Uniforms extensive selection of chef uniforms includes everything you need to complete kitchen wardrobe, from chef coats and chef pants to chef hats, aprons, and shoes.

Additional, Just Uniforms range of sizes ensures a perfect fit for every body types.

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Why don't physiologist wear scrubs

Why don't physiologist wear scrubs


Because there are different branches of physiologists, there is no general rule to what or how a physiologist should dress.


Type of Physiologist not mandated to wear scrubs

  • Exercise physiology: Most work of a Physiologist is outside the hospital environment, when they are not in an hospital environment with no risk of contacting an infection, they are not required to wear scrubs.

Type of Physiologist mandated to wear scrubs

  • Clinical psychologist: When a Physiologist is within an hospital environment with the risk of contacting an infection, it is mandated to wear protective gears and that includes scrubs.


Just Uniforms is the best company when it comes to purchasing massage and spa uniforms in Nigeria.

Just Uniforms have an exceptional range of unmatched quality massage and spa uniforms.

Just Uniforms has become the go to destination for massage and spa therapists in Nigeria.

Whether you're looking for a classic, traditional look or a modern, trendy ensemble, from crisp white tunics to elegant colored tops and pants.

Just Uniforms extensive range of styles allows you to find the perfect massage and spa uniform that reflects your personality and meets your professional needs.

Just Uniforms understands that individuality and personal branding are important for massage and spa therapists. That's why we offer customization options to help you create a unique and professional image. You can choose to add your name, logo, or clinic's name on your massage and spa uniform, adding a touch of personalization that sets you apart from the crowd.


Here are some common types of uniforms worn by massage and spa therapists:

  • 1. Scrubs: Many massage and spa therapists wear medical style scrubs as their uniform. Scrubs are comfortable and easy to move in, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. They typically consist of loose fitting pants and a matching top.
  • Massage and spa therapist scrubs
  • 2. Tunic and pants: Some massage and spa therapists prefer to wear a tunic style top paired with pants. The tunics are often made of lightweight, breathable fabric and may have a collar or V-neck design. The pants are typically comfortable and allow for ease of movement.
  • Tunic uniform
  • 3. Aprons or smocks: In certain massage modalities or when performing specific treatments, massage therapists may wear aprons or smocks over their regular uniforms. These protective garments help to prevent oils, lotions, or other products from staining the therapist's clothing.
  • Massage and spa therapist uniform

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Where to buy plain t-shirts

Where To Buy Plain T-shirts In Lagos 


Just Uniforms is a leading t-shirt supplier of plain t-shirts in Lagos, Nigeria.

Just Uniforms make plain t-shirts for both mens and women.

Gear up with t-shirts made from premium quality fabrics, Just Uniforms provide various types of t-shirts from round neck and v-neck t-shirt to collar neck t-shirt.

Just Uniforms supplies wholesale t-shirts, as well as provide t-shirt printing services.

Just Uniforms t-shirts comes with unique features like anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent and durable.

Just Uniforms t-shirts production is intended to be cost friendly, give you the ability to buy t-shirts in bulk, give you the option for customized t-shirts.


Where To Buy T-shirt In Bulk In Lagos


Quality t-shirt is our top priority at Just Uniforms, Whether you're stocking up for a school event, a corporate retreat, or a promotional campaign, quality and reliability are non-negotiable.

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We understand that the durability and comfort of your plain t-shirts are paramount.

That's why we source only the finest materials and employ stringent quality control measures to ensure that every t-shirt meets our high standards.

We believe that variety is the spice of life, which is why we offer a diverse range of t-shirts to suit every need and preference.

From classic crew necks to trendy V-necks, from sleeveless to long-sleeved, we have something for everyone.

Choose from an array of colors and sizes to perfectly complement your brand or event theme.

T-shirt In Lagos

Are you in need of high-quality t-shirts in Lagos for your organization, event, or business in Lagos?

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From classic crew necks to trendy V-necks, we offer something for everyone.

When it comes to buying men and ladies t-shirts in Lagos, Just Uniforms is the clear choice.

With our unwavering commitment to quality, variety, and exceptional service, we're here to help you find the perfect t-shirts for any occasion. Visit us today and experience the Just Uniforms difference for yourself!

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Where to buy scrubs

Medical Scrubs in Nigeria

Medical Scrubs is a protective garment worn by workers to protect from infectious substances, diseases and dirty environment.

The use of medical scrubs in Nigeria follows international practices, with healthcare facilities adopting scrubs for their comfort, ease of cleaning, and ability to maintain a sterile environment.

Medical Scrubs in Nigeria can be purchased from Just Uniforms specialized uniforms shops.

Just Uniforms sells medical scrubs to companies, businesses, hospitals, clinics, private medical practitioners, beauty companies, and private individuals.

Just Uniforms scrubs comes with unique features like anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent, perspiration, durable, anti static and more.

Just Uniforms have a reputation for excellent customer service and a diverse range of products with commitment to quality.

Just Uniforms affords you the luxury of ordering all your SCRUBS from the comfort of your home or office and having it delivered to your preferred location.

Scrubs Styles In Nigeria

  • V-Neck Scrubs: V-neck scrubs tops are a popular choice among healthcare professionals. They have a V-shaped neckline that adds a touch of style and can be more flattering than a traditional round neck.
  • Cargo Scrubs: Cargo style scrubs typically have multiple pockets on the top and pants, providing ample storage space for medical tools and personal items. These are practical for healthcare worker who need quick access to essentials.
  • Cargo Scrubs
  • Jogger Scrubs: Instead of the standard straight leg style, some healthcare professionals prefer joggers style pant trouser. These styles offer a slightly closer leg opening, which can be more comfortable and fashionable.
  • Scrub Dresses: Scrubs dresses are an alternative to the traditional two-piece scrubs set. They resemble a dress and are popular among female healthcare professionals who prefer a more feminine and stylish look.
  • Dress scrubs
  • Printed and Patterned Scrubs: Scrubs are available in a variety of prints and patterns, including floral, animal, geometric, and novelty designs. These scrubs allow healthcare workers to express their personality while maintaining professionalism.
  • Scrub Jackets : Healthcare professionals often wear scrubs jackets or lab coats for added protection and warmth. These outer layers can come in various styles, including zip up jackets or traditional button down lab coats


Scrubs are the standard uniform worn by doctors during surgical procedures or other medical procedures where sterile clothing is required.

Scrubs are the standard uniform for medical doctors in Nigeria.

Scrubs for doctors in Nigeria are typically made of lightweight and comfortable materials such as cotton or polyester, and they come in a wide range of colors and styles.



Scrubs are the standard uniform for nurses in healthcare.

Nurses scrubs are designed to be comfortable, functional, and easy to clean.

Nurses often need to carry various tools and equipment with them, so having plenty of pockets and storage options can be helpful.

Scrubs are the standard uniform worn by nurses in Nigeria.

Nurses scrubs in Nigeria are made in different colors, styles and are made from easy to clean fabric materials.


Where To Buy Medical Scrubs In Lagos

Just Uniforms stands out as the best uniform company when it comes to buying medical scrubs in Lagos.

Wide Range of Options : Whether you're a doctor, nurse, or health worker seeking a stylish and comfortable medical scrubs.

Just Uniforms makes medical scrubs that are comfortable and durable for you to choose.

Choosing the right type of medical scrubs depends on individual preferences, workplace requirements, and the specific needs of healthcare professionals.


Quality Materials : Just Uniforms medical scrubs are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and a polished look.

The choice of medical scrubs fabric depends on individual preferences and workplace requirements.

Just Uniforms prioritize comfort, breathability, and functionality on medical scrubs fabric.


Customization and Branding : For medical institutions and private medical individuals looking to maintain a distinctive identity.

Just Uniforms provides customization options to add your medical emblem, logo, or specific design elements to create personalized medical scrubs.


Exceptional Customer Service : Just Uniforms is committed to providing top-notch customer service, from inquiries to fittings.


Affordability : Just Uniforms understand the importance of affordability, by offering competitive medical scrubs prices without compromising on excellence.

You can trust that your medical scrubs from Just Uniforms is not only stylish but also budget-friendly.


Scrubs In Lagos


Scrubs in Lagos refer to medical scrubs worn by healthcare professionals in Lagos, Nigeria.

Scrubs in Lagos are typically worn in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings for hygiene and identification purposes.

Are you a healthcare professional in Lagos searching for high-quality scrubs that combine comfort, style, and durability? Look no further than Just Uniforms!

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Just Uniforms offers an extensive selection of scrubs to suit every preference and requirement.

Quality is paramount when it comes to medical apparel, and Just Uniforms takes pride in offering scrubs crafted from premium fabrics that are both comfortable and durable.

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Where to buy school uniform

School uniform in Nigeria

School Uniform in Nigeria

School uniforms are a common requirement in both public and private schools in Nigeria.

The use of school uniforms is intended to promote discipline, equality, and a sense of identity among students.

The specific design and colors of school uniforms may vary between schools.


School Uniforms Company in Nigeria

Just Uniforms is the best school uniform manufacturing company in Nigeria.

Just Uniforms makes all your SCHOOL UNIFORMS supplies including Shirt, blouse, pinafore, short and trouser, cardigan, tie, socks, blazer, shoe, sportswear, graduation gowns and customize school uniform fabric materials.

Just Uniforms makes school uniforms for primary schools, secondary schools and for universities.


School Uniform Styles for Secondary Schools in Nigeria 

  • 1. Polo shirts or button up shirts with a school logo or crest, in a solid color such as navy blue or white.
  • 2. Trousers or skirts in a dark color such as black, navy blue, or gray. Shorts may also be allowed, depending on the weather.
  • 3. Sweaters or cardigans in a solid color, often with a school crest or logo.
  • 4. Blazers or jackets in a school approved style and color.
  • 5. Ties in a school approved color and pattern, often worn with a button up shirt and blazer.
  • 6. Closed toe shoes, such as loafers or oxfords, in a dark color.
  • 7. For physical education classes, students may be required to wear athletic shorts or pants, a t-shirt, and athletic shoes.

School Uniform Styles for Primary Schools in Nigeria

  • 1. Polo shirt and shorts/skirt: This is a common style of uniform for both boys and girls. The polo shirt is usually in a solid color and may have the school's logo on it. The shorts or skirt are typically in a navy blue or khaki color.
  • 2. Dress and cardigan: This style is typically worn by girls and consists of a solid colored dress with a cardigan sweater. The dress may have a plaid pattern or other design, depending on the school's uniform policy.
  • 3. Button down shirt and pants/skirt: This is a more formal style of uniform that is often worn by older students. Boys typically wear a button down shirt with pants, while girls wear a skirt or pants with a blouse.
  • 4. Jumper and blouse: This is another common style for girls, which consists of a jumper dress worn over a blouse. The jumper may be in a plaid pattern or solid color, and the blouse is typically white or another solid color.
  • 5. Tunic and leggings: This is a comfortable and practical style for girls, which consists of a tunic top worn over leggings. The tunic may have a plaid pattern or solid color, and the leggings are usually black or navy blue.

School Uniform Styles for Universities in Nigeria

Universities do not require students to wear school uniforms. However, some universities may have dress codes or guidelines for appropriate attire.

Here are some general guidelines for dressing for university:

  • 1. Business Casual: Many universities require students to dress in business casual attire when attending classes or meetings with professors. This typically means wearing dress pants or khakis with a dress shirt, blouse, or sweater. Jeans, t-shirts, and athletic wear are typically not appropriate.
  • 2. Professional Attire: For events such as job interviews or career fairs, students may be expected to dress in professional attire, which usually means a suit and tie for men and a pantsuit or skirt suit for women.
  • 3. Comfortable Attire: Comfortable clothing such as athletic wear or casual clothing is generally acceptable for attending classes, studying in the library, or participating in extracurricular activities.

School Uniform Accessories In Nigeria

School uniform accessories can include various items that complement and personalize the standard school uniform.

Here are some common examples:

  • 1. Ties: Many schools require students to wear ties as part of their uniform. Ties can come in different colors or patterns to represent different grades, houses, or school affiliations.
  • 2. Belts: If the uniform includes pants or skirts with belt loops, students may wear belts to keep their bottoms secure. Belts can be plain or feature the school's logo or colors.
  • 3. Badges and Pins: Some schools provide badges or pins that students can wear on their uniforms to indicate achievements, leadership roles, or membership in specific clubs or organizations.
  • 4. Scarves: In colder climates, students may be allowed to wear scarves in the school's colors or patterns as an additional accessory to stay warm while adhering to the uniform policy.
  • 5. Headbands or Hair Accessories: Girls often have the option of wearing headbands, hair clips, or ribbons that match the school's colors or have the school's logo on them.
  • 6. Socks or Tights: Students may have the freedom to choose the style or color of their socks or tights as long as they meet the school's dress code. This allows for some individuality while still maintaining uniformity.
  • 7. Sweaters or Cardigans: In colder weather, students can layer their uniforms with sweaters or cardigans that are approved by the school. These can have the school's emblem or be in the school's colors.
  • 8. School Bags: While not directly worn on the uniform, school bags are an essential accessory for students. Some schools have specific requirements or restrictions on the style, color, or branding of bags to maintain a uniform appearance.

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where to buy shirts

Shirt In Nigeria

Just Uniforms makes and sells quality SHIRTS, including long sleeves shirts and short sleeve shirts, driver's shirts, pilot shirts, office shirts, suit shirts, packet shirts and more!

Just Uniforms shirts comes with unique features like anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent, perspiration, durable and more.

Just Uniforms sells quality shirts to companies, businesses and private individuals.

Just Uniforms affords you the luxury of ordering for shirts from the comfort of your home or office and having it delivered to your preferred location!

Office Shirts In Nigeria

Office shirts in Nigeria are an essential part of professional attire for both men and women working in corporate offices. These shirts are designed to be formal and appropriate for office duties.

Types Of Office Shirts In Nigeria

  • Driver Shirt : A driver shirt is a type of shirt that is designed for people who drive cars or other vehicles. Driver shirts may have specialized pockets or compartments for items such as sunglasses, pens, and maps.
  • Security Shirt : Security Shirt is a uniform worn by security personnel, such as security guards or officers. Security shirts often come with specific features like patches, logos, or text that clearly indicate the security company or organization they represent.
  • Pilot Shirt : Pilot shirts are specialized garments designed for pilots to wear while flying. Pilot shirts often have epaulets on the shoulders, which serve as a badge of rank. Pilot shirts usually feature a button-up front and two chest pockets. The collars of pilot shirts are designed to accommodate the pilot's ties.

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School Career Day is an exciting event that takes place in educational institutions across Nigeria.

It offers students the opportunity to explore different career paths and gain insights into various professions.

One key aspect of Career Day is the unique dress code that allows students to embody their desired profession for the day.

By dressing up as soldiers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, pilots, or any other occupation, students are encouraged to explore different career paths and broaden their horizons.

It allows them to step into the shoes of professionals they admire, fostering a sense of curiosity.


The Career Day uniform provides an avenue for students to express their creativity and individuality.

Whether it's a lab coat for aspiring scientists or a suit for budding business executives, students can choose outfits that reflect their interests and aspirations.

This self-expression not only adds excitement to the event but also encourages students to embrace their uniqueness and explore careers that align with their passions.

In a society where certain professions are traditionally associated with specific genders, the Career Day uniform helps break stereotypes and encourages students to challenge societal norms.

By allowing students to choose any profession regardless of their gender, the dress code promotes inclusivity and equal opportunities.

It sends a powerful message that all career paths are open to everyone, regardless of their gender identity.

Wearing a uniform related to a particular profession during Career Day instills a sense of professionalism and pride in students.

It helps them understand the importance of dressing appropriately for different contexts and situations.

By donning the attire of a professional, students are exposed to the idea that certain careers require specific dress codes and standards, preparing them for future workplaces.

Career Day uniforms not only inspire students but also provide an opportunity for professionals in various fields to serve as role models.

Inviting guest speakers or mentors who work in the fields represented by the uniforms can further enhance the impact of the event.

These professionals can share their experiences, provide valuable insights, and motivate students to pursue their dreams with determination and perseverance.



Here are a few common career day uniforms options and their corresponding uniform suggestions:

  • (1) Doctor/Nurse: Wear a white lab coat or scrubs with appropriate medical accessories such as a stethoscope or surgical mask.
  • (2) Police Officer: Dress in a police uniform, including a blue or black shirt, pants, and a badge. You can also add accessories like a police hat and a utility belt.
  • (3) Firefighter: Wear a firefighter uniform, typically consisting of a fire resistant jacket, pants, and boots. Add a helmet and carry a toy fire extinguisher for authenticity.
  • (4) Chef: Dress in a chef's uniform, which usually includes a white double-breasted jacket, checkered pants, and a chef's hat. Consider carrying a cooking utensil like a whisk or spatula.
  • (5) Pilot: Wear a pilot uniform, including a pilot shirt, pants, and a pilot hat. You can also add pilot wings or insignia to the uniform.
  • (6) Business Professional: Dress in formal business attire, such as a suit or dress shirt with dress pants or a skirt. Add accessories like a tie or a briefcase to complete the look.
  • (7) Engineer: Opt for a professional attire, such as a button down shirt, pants, and a blazer. You can also include some engineering tools or props related to your specific field, like a calculator or a blueprint.


Career day costume

Just Uniforms takes pride in its extensive collection of career uniforms, covering a wide range of careers and professions.

Just Uniforms makes into reality your child dreams of being a doctor, firefighter, police officer, pilot, scientist, chef, or an army.

Just Uniforms diverse inventory ensures that you'll find the perfect uniform to help your child feel confident and ready to represent their chosen profession on Career Day.

Just Uniforms attention to detail in stitching and craftsmanship guarantees long lasting uniforms that can be reused for future Career Day events or even for imaginative play at home.

Just Uniforms goes the extra mile to ensure authenticity in career day uniforms.

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