Graduation gown and robes in Nigeria

Graduation gown  

Graduation Gown In Nigeria

In Nigeria, graduation gowns, also known as academic gowns are commonly worn by students during graduation ceremonies.

The design of graduation gowns in Nigeria can vary depending on the institution and the level of education.


Graduation Gown Making Company in Nigeria

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Just Uniforms offers an extensive range of graduation gown styles, Whether it's a traditional or contemporary design, a specific color requirement, or unique customization requests, Just Uniforms can accommodate various preferences and specifications.


Where To Rent Graduation Gown In Nigeria

Just Uniforms is the go to company for renting graduation gowns in Nigeria, Just Uniforms has earned its reputation as the best company for renting graduation gowns in Nigeria.

Just Uniforms offer flexible pricing options, enabling you to rent a graduation gown without breaking the bank.


Graduation Gown Styles

  • 1. Graduation Gown Style For Universities: Universities graduation gowns are typically more elaborate graduation gowns. They often have several features like long sleeves, hood, velvet panels down the front and around the neck, as well as velvet bars on the sleeves.
  • The velvet color usually represents the graduate's field of study, and the gown may have distinctive decorative elements such as gold piping or embroidery.
  • Cap (Mortarboard): The graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard, is a flat, square-shaped hat with a tassel attached to the top. It is usually worn by graduates during the commencement ceremony and is often black. The tassel is typically moved from one side to the other at a specific point in the ceremony to signify the conferral of the degree.
  • 2. Graduation Gown Style For Secondary School: Secondary school graduation gown typically consists of a long, flowing robe that reaches the ankles. It is often made of black or dark-colored fabric, with wide sleeves and a closed front.
  • This style includes a gown and a matching cap, also known as a mortarboard.
  • Some secondary schools may opt for a gown with a V-shaped neckline. This style features a V-neckline instead of the traditional closed front, giving it a more modern look.
  • In certain schools, graduation gowns may be customized to reflect the school colors or emblem. This could include colored trims, sashes, or embroidery that represent the school's identity.
  • Along with the gown, students may wear a stole or sash that represents their achievements or affiliations. These can include honor society stoles, club sashes, or academic achievement stoles.
  • 3. Graduation Gown Style For Primary School: The classic primary school graduation gown is usually a long, robe-like garment with long sleeves.
  • It is typically made of lightweight fabric such as polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton.
  • The gown is often plain and solid in color, such as black or dark blue.
  • Some primary school graduation gowns feature a front closure design. These gowns have a button or zipper closure running down the front, making it easier to put on and take off. The closure adds a touch of convenience to the gown design.
  • Primary schools graduation ceremonies often include a cap. The cap, known as a mortarboard, is a square-shaped hat with a tassel hanging from the top.
  • In some schools, primary school graduation gowns may come in different colors to represent the school's unique identity or to distinguish between different grade levels. For example, each grade level may have its own designated color, such as red for fourth grade, blue for fifth grade, and so on.
  • Depending on the school's preference, graduation gowns may have minimal embellishments. These can include decorative elements such as a colored trim, embroidered school emblem, or small details on the sleeves or collar to add a touch of individuality to the gown.

Robes In Nigeria


Robes refers to long, loose-fitting garments that are often worn as a form of clothing or ceremonial attire.

Robes typically have a flowing and relaxed design, with loose sleeves and a loose fit around the body.

Robes can be made from various materials such as cotton, silk, satin, or other fabrics, depending on the purpose and cultural context.

Professions That Wears Robes in Nigeria

  • 1. Choirs: A choir robe, also known as a choir gown or choir vestment, is a special garment worn by members of a choir during performances, religious services, or other formal occasions.
  • 2. Lawyers and Judges: In some legal systems, lawyers and barristers wear robes when appearing in court to represent their clients, Judges often wear robes as a symbol of their authority and impartiality within the courtroom.
  • 3. Clergy: Members of religious orders, such as choirs, priests, pastors, ministers, and monks, often wear robes as part of their religious attire.
  • 4. Academics: Students graduating often wear robes, such as graduation and commencement ceremonies, professors and other faculty members may wear robes called academic regalia to signify their educational achievements and roles.
  • 5. Martial arts practitioners: Some martial arts, such as judo and karate, have specific robes or uniforms that practitioners wear during training or competitions.
  • 6. Members of secret societies or fraternal organizations: Certain secret societies or fraternal organizations have specific robes or ceremonial attire that their members wear during their gatherings or rituals.
  • 7. Hospitality Robes: Hospitality robes are a type of robe commonly provided by hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments to their guests for use during their stay.
  • These robes are often made of soft and comfortable materials, such as cotton or terry cloth, and are designed to provide a sense of luxury and relaxation.
  • Hospitality robes are typically available in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. They are often oversized and feature a loose and comfortable fit, allowing guests to easily slip them on and off.
  • The robes may have a shawl collar, a kimono-style design, or a hooded option, depending on the hotel's preference and the level of luxury they want to provide.

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Where to buy Lab coat

Lab Coat In Nigeria

Just Uniforms makes all your lab coats supplies, including lab coat for students, lab coats for secondary school, lab coats for primary school, male lab coats, female lab coats, doctor's lab coats, nurse's lab coats, lab coats for kids.

Lab coats are an essential part of a laboratory worker's uniform, they are worn to protect the wearer's clothing from spills, splashes and stains, as well as to prevent contamination of the laboratory environment.

Just Uniforms lab coats are made from durable materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a laboratory.

Just Uniforms lab coats are available in different styles and sizes.

Just Uniforms also offers customization options. You can choose to add your name, job title or company logo to your lab coat for a professional touch. This is particularly important for lab workers who need to be easily identifiable in the workplace.

Lab Coat Styles In Nigeria

  • Standard Lab Coat: The most common style of lab coat, this coat has a straight, knee-length cut and typically features a button up front and pockets.
  • Short Lab Coat: A shorter version of the standard lab coat, typically falling just above the knee.
  • Full-Length Lab Coat: A longer version of the standard lab coat, typically falling below the knee.
  • Smock Lab Coat: A looser, more relaxed style of lab coat, often made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or polyester.
  • Disposable Lab Coat: A single use lab coat made from lightweight materials like polypropylene, designed for use in clean rooms and other controlled environments.
  • Anti Static Lab Coat: A lab coat designed to dissipate static electricity, often made from materials like polyester or cotton blended with conductive fibers.
  • Flame Resistant Lab Coat: A lab coat made from fire resistant materials designed for use in environments where fire is a risk.
  • High Visibility Lab Coat: A lab coat designed with bright colors or reflective materials to increase visibility and safety in low light environments.
  • Radiation Protection Lab Coat: A lab coat made from materials like lead or other heavy metals, designed to protect the wearer from ionizing radiation.

Professions That Wears Lab Coat in Nigeria

  • Scientists: Scientists working in laboratories, whether in academia or industry, often wear lab coats to protect their clothing and maintain a sterile environment.
  • Chemists: Chemists working in research and development, analytical chemistry, or quality control labs wear lab coats to safeguard themselves from hazardous chemicals and prevent cross contamination.
  • Biologists: Biologists, including microbiologists, geneticists, and molecular biologists, wear lab coats to handle biological samples and maintain a sterile environment.
  • Pharmacists: Pharmacists working in compounding pharmacies or pharmaceutical research wear lab coats to ensure cleanliness and reduce the risk of contamination when preparing medications.
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and medical laboratory technicians wear lab coats in hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories to maintain hygiene and distinguish their professional roles.
  • Dentists: Dentists and dental hygienists often wear lab coats to maintain cleanliness and protect their clothing while performing dental procedures.
  • Veterinarians: Veterinarians and veterinary technicians wear lab coats while examining and treating animals to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases and maintain hygiene.
  • Pathologists: Pathologists, who specialize in diagnosing diseases through laboratory analysis of tissue samples and fluids, wear lab coats to handle specimens and protect themselves.
  • Forensic Scientists: Forensic scientists wear lab coats while analyzing evidence collected from crime scenes, ensuring proper handling and preventing contamination.
  • Research Technicians: Technicians working in various research fields, such as physics, engineering, environmental science, and geology, wear lab coats to protect their clothing and maintain cleanliness in the lab.

Lab Coat For Students In Nigeria

A lab coat is essential for students in science-related fields to protect clothing and ensure safety.

Students wear lab coats primarily for safety and hygiene purposes .

Lab coats help protect clothing from spills, chemicals, and other potential hazards.

Additionally, lab coat serve as a barrier to minimize skin contact with potentially harmful substances, promoting a safer environment for experiments and practical work.

To buy a lab coat for students in Nigeria, you can visit Just Uniforms stores.

Lab Coat Styles for Students in Nigeria

Lab coats for students comes in modern styles.

Modern lab coat style include more tailored fits comfortable functional customized lab coat.

Many students choose to personalize their lab coats with embroidered names, logos, or patches to make them unique and easily identifiable.


Where To Buy Lab Coat In Lagos

Are you looking for where to buy lab coats in Lagos? Look no further than Just Uniforms.

As a leading provider of professional uniforms, Just Uniforms stands out for its exceptional quality, variety, and customer services.

Just Uniforms prides itself on offering lab coats made from premium materials.

Whether you're a medical professional, scientist, or researcher, you can trust that Just Uniforms' lab coats are durable, comfortable, and designed to withstand the demands of your profession.

No matter your style or size preferences, Just Uniforms has a diverse range of lab coats to choose from.

From traditional white lab coats to modern designs with innovative features, you'll find the perfect fit for your needs at Just Uniforms.

Want to add a personal touch to your lab coat? Just Uniforms offers customization services, allowing you to embroider your name, logo, or any other design onto your lab coat.

Despite offering top-notch quality and customization options, Just Uniforms maintains competitive pricing, making it accessible to professionals at all levels.

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exploring the perfect cardigan sweater in Nigeria

Exploring the Perfect Cardigan Sweater in Nigeria


Cardigan sweater have evolved into more than just functional attire.

They now encompass style, comfort, and a sense of identity.

In this article, we will dive into the world of cardigan sweater, exploring the diverse designs, fabric choices, and the best company to buy cardigan sweater in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Evolution of Cardigan Sweater


Cardigan sweaters have evolved over the years from their traditional origins to become versatile fashion pieces.

Initially, named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, who popularized them in the 19th century, cardigans were originally functional, button-up garments.

In the mid-20th century, they became associated with preppy style.

Over time, designers have experimented with fabrics, styles, and lengths, leading to various interpretations of the classic cardigan.

From chunky knits to lightweight options, cardigans now cater to diverse tastes and occasions.

Today, they're not only a practical layer for warmth but also a stylish element in both casual and formal wardrobes.


School Cardigan Designs in Nigeria

  • Color Palette : School colors often influence the cardigan's color, providing a sense of identity and unity.
  • Emblems or Logos : Many school cardigans feature the school's emblem or logo, often embroidered or woven onto the garment, showcasing institutional pride.
  • Buttons or Zippers : Traditional cardigans usually have buttons, but modern designs may incorporate zippers for a more contemporary look.
  • Material : Schools may choose materials for comfort and durability, such as cotton, wool, or blends, depending on the climate.
  • Neckline : Options include V-neck, round neck, or even shawl collar designs, adding variety to the overall aesthetic.
  • Patterns : Some schools opt for plain, solid colors, while others may incorporate stripes, checks, or other patterns for a distinctive look.

Understanding Cardigan Sweater Fabric Choices

  • Cotton : Lightweight and breathable, cotton cardigans are comfortable for various climates. They are easy to care for and often come in a range of colors.
  • Wool : Known for its warmth, wool cardigans are excellent for colder weather.
  • Synthetics (Polyester, Nylon): These materials are durable, wrinkle-resistant, and often more affordable. They can add stretch and shape retention to the cardigan.

Where to Buy Cardigan Sweater in Lagos


Just Uniforms stands out as the ultimate destination when it comes to finding the perfect cardigan sweater in Lagos.

Renowned for its commitment to quality, diverse options, and exceptional service, Just Uniforms has established itself as the go-to company for individuals and institutions alike.

Wide Range of Options: Whether you're a student, teacher, or professional seeking a stylish and comfortable cardigan.

From classic designs to modern twists, Just Uniforms offer an array of choices suitable for different occasions and dress codes.

Quality Materials: Just Uniforms  cardigan sweaters are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and a polished look.

Whether you prefer the softness of cotton, the warmth of wool, or the luxury of blends, you can trust that Just Uniforms delivers on both style and substance.

Customization and Branding: For schools and organizations looking to maintain a distinctive identity.

Just Uniforms provides customization options. Add your school emblem, logo, or specific design elements to create personalized cardigans that reflect your institution's spirit and pride.

Exceptional Customer Service: Just Uniforms understands the importance of a seamless shopping experience.

From inquiries to fittings, Just Uniforms is committed to providing top-notch customer service.

Affordability and Value: Just Uniforms understand the importance of affordability, offering competitive prices without compromising on excellence.

You can trust that your cardigan sweater from Just Uniforms is not only stylish but also budget-friendly.

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