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where to buy shirts

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Shirt In Nigeria

Just Uniforms makes and sells quality SHIRTS, including long sleeves shirts and short sleeve shirts, driver's shirts, pilot shirts, office shirts, suit shirts, packet shirts and more!

Just Uniforms shirts comes with unique features like anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent, perspiration, durable and more.

Just Uniforms sells quality shirts to companies, businesses and private individuals.

Just Uniforms affords you the luxury of ordering for shirts from the comfort of your home or office and having it delivered to your preferred location!

Office Shirts In Nigeria

Office shirts in Nigeria are an essential part of professional attire for both men and women working in corporate offices. These shirts are designed to be formal and appropriate for office duties.

Types Of Office Shirts In Nigeria

  • Driver Shirt : A driver shirt is a type of shirt that is designed for people who drive cars or other vehicles. Driver shirts may have specialized pockets or compartments for items such as sunglasses, pens, and maps.
  • Security Shirt : Security Shirt is a uniform worn by security personnel, such as security guards or officers. Security shirts often come with specific features like patches, logos, or text that clearly indicate the security company or organization they represent.
  • Pilot Shirt : Pilot shirts are specialized garments designed for pilots to wear while flying. Pilot shirts often have epaulets on the shoulders, which serve as a badge of rank. Pilot shirts usually feature a button-up front and two chest pockets. The collars of pilot shirts are designed to accommodate the pilot's ties.
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