Where to buy scrubs

Where to buy scrubs

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Just Uniforms offers a wide variety of scrubs styles and colors for both men and women.

Scrubs is a protective garment worn by workers to protect from infectious substances, diseases and dirty environment.

Just Uniforms supplies a wide range of scrubs, including scrubs for doctors and nurses, nannies and beauty workers

Gear up with scrubs that works hard to keep you protected from infectious dirty substances and bodily fluids.

Just Uniforms sell quality scrubs to hospitals, clinics, private medical practitioners, beauty companies, and private individuals.

Just Uniforms scrubs comes with unique features like anti pilling, anti shrink, breathable, absorbent, perspiration, durable, anti static and more.


While there are standard styles and designs for scrubs, fashion trends and preferences may vary among different healthcare facilities, businesses, companies and individuals.

Here are some common scrubs styles you may come across:

  • (1) V-Neck Scrubs: V-neck scrub tops are a popular choice among healthcare professionals. They have a V-shaped neckline that adds a touch of style and can be more flattering than a traditional round neck.
  • V-neck scrubs

  • (2) Mock Wrap Scrubs: Mock wrap scrubs feature a crossover style that gives the appearance of a wrap top without the hassle of actually tying it. They often have side ties or buttons for added detail.
  • Scrubs

  • (3) Cargo Scrubs: Cargo-style scrubs typically have multiple pockets on the top and pants, providing ample storage space for medical tools and personal items. These are practical for healthcare workers who need quick access to essentials.
  • Cargo Scrubs

  • (4) Joggers Pants: Instead of the standard straight-leg style, some healthcare professionals prefer joggers style pant trouser. These styles offer a slightly closer leg opening, which can be more comfortable and fashionable.
  • Joggers scrubs

  • (5) Scrub Dresses: Scrub dresses are an alternative to the traditional two-piece scrub set. They resemble a dress and are popular among female healthcare professionals who prefer a more feminine and stylish look.
  • Dress scrubs

  • (6) Printed and Patterned Scrubs: Many scrubs are available in a variety of prints and patterns, including floral, animal, geometric, and novelty designs. These scrubs allow healthcare workers to express their personality while maintaining professionalism.
  • Flower scrubs

  • (7) Scrub Jackets and Lab Coats: In addition to scrub tops and pants, healthcare professionals often wear scrub jackets or lab coats for added protection and warmth. These outer layers can come in various styles, including zip-up jackets or traditional button-down lab coats.
  • Scrubs jacket

It's important to note that while some healthcare facilities may have dress code requirements for scrubs, others may allow more flexibility in terms of styles and colors.

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